Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Do you accept checks?

A:  Yes, but ONLY AFTER you apply for credit. Cash or credit card always.


Q:  Are there setup fees?

A:  For screen printing $30 per screen, for embroidery set up cost is based on the amount of stitches the design will have. 


Q:  Can you use my artwork?

A:  The short answer is YES. The explanation is as follows - If you provide us with 300 DPI and/or vector (Adobe Illustrator preferably) artwork that is "camera ready" there is no artwork fee. If your art requires any type of handling to make it ready for our system there is a fee of $40 per hour.


Q:  Do you offer specials or discounts?

A:  YES. We run specials all the time! Ask about what the current deals are! And, there are bulk discounts (the more you order, the cheaper per piece.)